5 Social Media Advertising Tips for Service Businesses

Social Media is a massive part of Digital Marketing
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Social Media Ads can be an effective way for service businesses to connect with their ideal customers. Here are five ways to use them correctly.

If you’re a service-based business, the right approach to advertising online can feel overwhelming and downright frustrating.

You may not be getting the calls and leads you want from your current marketing strategy, but social media advertising can be an effective way to help you generate the results you want.

Let’s dive into why this is the case and some best practices and suggestions for advertising your service business on social media.

1.Adapt for Your Consumer Buying Journey

If you’re responsible for delivering a service, having a great web presence and online reputation is important to your prospective customers.

Consumers want to feel comfortable and confident when purchasing from a company.

These buyers typically spend more time thinking about their purchase decision, so it’s important to have the right reputation offline and online.

Potential customers may take some time to check out multiple businesses, look at websites and reviews, ask friends and family for recommendations, compare prices, and more.

With social media advertising, local companies, as well as national companies, can effectively remind people of their services and convert more interested leads.

What are the things they consider in their decisions to purchase?

What is your USP’s and stand-out features vs other options or competitors?

These are the messages that can be highly effective in some simple remarketing ads.

2.Actively Manage Your Social Media Accounts

While the days of it being easy to gain organic reach may be gone, there is still an important function of your socials if you run ads: if a user sees your ad, they’re likely to click on it to get a sense of who you are.

If your presence is dull with a few status updates, no responses to posts, and negative reviews – chances are high they’ll move on.

Think of your Page like your storefront that people are walking by.

What do you want them to see?

It’s essential to simply like positive comments and addressing any negatives if any.

It’ll probably take just a few minutes of your time, but it clearly shows they care about their audience and are willing to help.

Make sure all your business information is complete, and post regular updates (e.g., tips, offers, specials, photos) so users will form a positive view of your business at first glance.

Make sure to respond to reviews and comments you receive on your posts or pages.

It shows users you are there, the lights are on, and someone is actively managing the business presence!

2.Get Results: Choose Your Goal Wisely

While Social Media ads look a lot like display ads and work to grow brand awareness and interest from users, many campaigns can generate tangible results for a service business.

Selecting a campaign goal that can capture leads, have people contact you via Messenger, or drive web or in-person visits can help you generate inquiries and leads.

You can also pair that with the Offer feature to give potential customers a deal they can save and redeem.

This could help them decide between you and your competitors or push them over the decision line on trying your service if they never have.

Users tend to like to stay on a social platform when they’re there.

Things like lead generation goals or Message goals can help potential customers communicate with you without the friction of having to go to your site and contacting you there.

4.Target Ads to Your Ideal Consumers

There are a lot of powerful targeting capabilities out there.

This can make it a challenge to decide exactly what’s best for your advertising campaign.

Start by getting back to basics and understanding who your target audience is.

For a home-service business, there are a few key consumer demographics and targeting tactics to think about:

Where Your Customers Live

First, a local service provider should determine the ideal geographic area to target.

Look at your typical service area and how far you’re willing to stretch that area is the first step in targeting your Facebook ads to local prospects.

Facebook allows you to choose one or more locations to target.

It can include specific postcodes or a radius around a specific location, a city, or a country.

Desired Demographics

Many advertising programs allow you to show your ad to users in specific demographics or desired traits.

For example, if your services have a higher cost, such as pool installation, you might want to target interests such as swimming.

You can also select an age range – such as users over the age of 18 – specific interests and more to find that sweet spot of your ideal customer.

Relevant Niche Demographics

Users that provide information like their life events can be a goldmine for service providers.

For instance, if you are a lifestyle photographer who wants to reach people who have recently gotten engaged or had a baby, you can do so if they’ve provided that information.

This enables your ads to show only to people who have an actual use for your services and may already be in the market.

You can also exclude certain users based on their demographics, interests, and more if they’re outside your target audience, and you don’t want your ads to show to those users.

Retargeting & Custom Audiences

If you’re already getting many visits to your website, you can opt to retarget them to remind them of your business.

But if you’re using Social Media to drum up a new business, one of the best ways to do this is to target ads to the people who are most likely to work with you.

This can include your current clients, people who have previously contacted you, newsletter subscribers, and others who haven’t purchased for one reason or another.

You can also leverage lookalike audience features, which uses its data to create a list of new prospects that “look like” the people on your list and target them with your ads.

While there are a vast number of targeting options available, you don’t want to narrow your audience too much, as this could severely limit the amount of engagement with your ads and drive up your costs.

5.Command Attention with Great Ads

Creating an eye-catching and effective ad is crucial to getting results from your campaign.

Remember that your ads are competing with status updates from friends and family, other businesses (including competitors), articles and videos from news outlets and more, so it’s easy for your ad to get lost among all that content.

Here are a few things you need for your ad to work.

An Engaging Image

Using your own images not only makes your ads look more authentic, but they’ll be differentiated from every other stock photo image in the News Feed.

If you don’t have the ability to take high-quality photos for your ads, use an image that’s a good representation of your business, and encourages someone to take action.

For example, if you have a pool cleaning business, don’t show an empty pool – show people enjoying one.

Short, Yet Impactful Messages

If you are running specials, holding an event, or offering any unique services, include them in your ad’s headline and description.

Your message should quickly describe your service and differentiate your business from your competitors.

Remember: any longer descriptions will be truncated on mobile devices.

The Right Call to Action

Select a call to action that makes the most sense for your ad and your business.

If you’re trying to generate onsite appointments or service estimates, using a CTA like “Book Now” or “Contact Us”.

Meanwhile, CTAs like “Call Now” and “Get Directions” are ideal for businesses trying to drive people through the door.

Your Advertising Strategy

If you’re unsure what will work for your business, try testing different programs, targeting techniques, and creative.

Review your results to see what’s resonating most with your target audience – don’t give up.

You can also work with a trusted partner that understands local business lead generation. They can help you take the guesswork out of advertising your service business on Social Media.

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